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With Black Friday justttt around the corner, we thought we’d share our Top 10 Favourite Amazon Products with you all, that we’ve had for YEARS and LOVE! Plus, they’re on sale right now, so bonus! Here are our favourite products/the BEST products:

Our Top 10 Favourite Amazon Products of all time! We think these Amazon products are the BEST as we've had them for years! Bonus: They're all on sale!

1. The Conair Super Steam Hand Held Steamer

AKA A PORTABLE STEAMER! It’s small, but baby it’s fierce! Fits in our luggage when travelling and gets out all of the wrinkles in our clothes! Click HERE for it! It won’t disappoint!

2. Indoor & Outdoor Smart Plugs!

Works like a charm when you download the app. It has honestly been a dream to say “Hey Google, turn off the Christmas lights” or “Hey Google, turn off the Christmas tree” LOL! For real though these are great! Here’s the 2 pack, and here’s the 4 pack! On sale! AND here is the outdoor plug, safe for every type of weather!

3. TableTopics Game!

Honestly this has been a GAMECHANGER at home and in the classroom! (Steph’s a teacher). It has conversation topics and questions that will have you thinking and laughing together all night. We honestly love pulling this out when guests come over! Add it to your board game collection! Click HERE for it!

4. Magnetic Phone Mount for the Car!

We have had this for YEARS! Would buy again, and again! It’s magnetic and holds SO well! I even put my tablet on once, crazy how strong the magnet is! Highly recommend! Check it out HERE!

5. The BEST Diffuser ever! Plus it’s stylish!

Also have had this for years, and still works PERFECTLY! I’m a total believer in essential oils, and this one is the perfect size to spread the scent to an entire room! It also helps that I love the wood style! Plus it’s on sale for half price right now, STEAL! Click HERE to check it out!

6. Anker Portable Charger

We bring this everywhere with us! Especially when camping or traveling! It holds up to FOUR chargers for your device – which is amazing as we’re on our phones so often! This is an absolute must for us and it works like a charm! Click HERE for it!

7. Packing Cubes!

Another game changer for traveling! Honestly this makes things SO much easier. You’re organized, and know where everything is, along with being able to fit more into your suitcase! There is this black set on sale! Or this pretty pink set, which obviously Steph has LOL!

8. A YETI Tumbler!

I was skeptical too at first, pretty pricy for a water bottle, but YES these are worth the hype! We’ve taken ours to Asia, Europe, etc. and it’s still in perfect condition! Plus it actually does what it says and keeps drinks cold or hot for SO long! WAIT…the best part! It’s dishwasher safe! If you’re like us we dislike having to handwash items that we use all of the time. We’ve put it in the dishwasher and endless amount of times and it hasn’t faded or peeled or anything! Plus there are a ton of cute colours! Click HERE for our favourite one!

9. Reusable Mesh Produce Bags! 12-Pack!

Okay guys it’s 2021. We’ve GOT to do our part and stop using so much plastic! Every little bit helps right? We recently switched to these produce bags when grocery shopping and it is so much better for the environment! Plus they are so easy to clean if you need to clean them, and it’s great that this multi-pack comes with a range of sizes! Check them out HERE!

10. A Portable Ping Pong Table Set!

Last but not least, Shawn’s favourite item LOL! So this is an extendable net that can attach to ANY size table! It’s honestly so awesome! Instead of spending hundreds on an actual ping pong table, try this out! We love that we can bring it anywhere with our friends and family and attach it to any surface to play on! It includes 2 paddles and some balls and it’s on sale right now! Click HERE to see it! The reviews are amazing! Everyone needs to let their inner child competitiveness come out every once in a while!

Basically, Amazon has the best deals!

Well, those are our Top 10 Favourite Amazon Products! We think they’re the best! Amazon never seems to disappoint with it’s endless practical products! These are just a few of many that we love from them! Steph is going to create another Top 10 list for fashion and beauty products! If you happen to purchase any of these, send us a message to let us know if you’re loving them!

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Our Top 10 Favourite Amazon Products of all time! We think these Amazon products are the BEST as we've had them for years! Bonus: They're all on sale!

Our Top 10 Favourite Amazon Products of all time!

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