About Us

Welcome! We’re so excited you stopped by!

We are Shawn & Steph Thompson from Toronto, Canada & are #obsessed with travelling and exploring new places! This page is all about finding you the best date spots around the globe! We love sharing our travel & date ideas with you, as we spend SO much time researching, so you don’t have to!

So what are we really about?

Travel Guides – For everywhere we’ve been around the globe & more!

Date Ideas – Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, we have new & exciting things for you to do! #T-TROT DATE SPOTS

Experiences – we all know life is short, why not make the most of it? We want you to have more life experiences to cherish forever!

PS.* We will NEVER recommend something we don’t 100% LOVE, or have not tried for ourselves

More about us… because why not?! 🙂

We recently got married in August 2018 (YAY!). This is where our passion for travel accelerated to a new level. We went to Indonesia, Singapore, & Thailand for our honeymoon & all we remember thinking was WOW – the world is SO small. (Yes it took almost 24 hours to fly there – but flying to the other side of the world didn’t seem so scary, OR so far anymore!) We’ve been around Europe, Asia, North & Central America and keep checking places off of our bucket lists! Check out our Instagram for travel inspo! @thethompsontrotters We are part-time travellers – Steph is a teacher, and Shawn is an engineer, so we travel whenever we can, during our time off. While we are not travelling, we like to come up with new, creative date ideas to make the most of every moment!!

Can’t wait to trot the globe with you! #ttrotters

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